Marcella Wilson, MD

My objectives are quite simply to effect ongoing positive outcomes with both patients and staff, no matter the size of staff or the number of patients, in the workplace. I seek to create venues of cooperation, essential communication, intellectual sharing and creativity amongst colleagues and allied workers with an eye for the potential for personal and workplace growth. I am well versed in multiple therapeutic modalities within my field, including pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic. I enjoy participating in diverse venues that represent the field of Psychiatry. Future imperatives and goals include continued associations with those Professionals who share common beliefs, including that no human being is less than another, and that we all deserve equitable, fair treatment.


Adult Psychiatry: subspecialize in womens issues, chemical dependency, somatoform disorders and forensics. Have a working knowledge with proven liaison skills of administrative psychiatry working with medical staff, bylaws, pharmacy & therapeutics, reviewing and governing bodies, and general administration.

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Dr. Wilson is Board Certified in Psychiatry & Neurology, and has achieved the status of Distinguished Fellow within the American Psychiatric Association. A native San Diegan, she has been in practice in San Diego since 1989. Besides her passion for the healing arts, she also enjoys creative moments with her camera, and relaxation with her dogs.